Propolis: Bee Glue that Heals

Honeybee propolis is a brown or reddish resinous substance made by bees to protect the hive against animal and bacterial invaders. The word “propolis” is a compound of the Greek words “pro” and “polis” and translates to, “Before the city.” Bees use propolis as a building material to fill gaps and crevices, varnish combs and shape entrances, sometimes creating fantastic gobs that supposedly aid ventilation in the hive.

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Deep Winter & Preparing For Spring With Bees

By Tom Theobald As I said in the last article, we share a long and intimate history with the honeybee, much further back than most would ever imagine. There’s little …

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Creating the Best Water Sources for Bees
February 1, 2019 . · Health & Pests

Like all animals, honey bees need a dependable source of water year round. The best water sources for bees are ones that won’t go dry in the summer, won’t drown …

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Sun and Shade for Bees: What is the Right Mix?
February 1, 2019 . · Hives & Equipment

Many factors are important in determining a beehive location, including the relative amounts of sun and shade for bees. Many beekeepers insist that honey bee hives should be placed in …

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